Emergency Shelter / Emergency Blankets Combo


How Do They Keep You Warm?

  • Includes 1 Shelter & 2 Blankets
  • Impermeable Metalized Plastic Sheet
  • Traps Up To 90% of Body Heat
  • Prevents Convection Heat Loss
  • Carried by Search & Rescue Teams
  • Carried by Wilderness Rescue Responders


Emergency Thermal Blankets & Shelters are CRUCIAL to have in your Survival Bag!

This kit includes one Emergency Shelter & two Emergency Blankets.

Keeping your body temperature above 98 degrees is MORE important than securing food and water in an emergency.

An emergency shelter and blankets can save your life if you’re stuck in the elements.

A drastic loss in body heat is more dangerous than dehydration.

You’ll definitely want to keep these in your survival bag, glove box, and anywhere else you can pack them.

Emergency Blanket In Use


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