Magnesium Fire Starter


Could You Start A Fire If Your Survival Depends On It?

  • Easy to grip handle
  • Enough magnesium to start several fires
  • Small enough to pack in your survival bag
  • Extremely easy to use


Don’t Worry About Wet Matches!

This is a necessary addition to your emergency kit.

You need to be able to start a fire anywhere at anytime to be truly prepared for emergencies.

Here’s how to start a fire with this fire starter:

Shave a small amount of magnesium into something combustible like dried pine needles, leaves, or paper.

Strike the magnesium rod with striker.

The sparks will start a fire. Boom! You’re done with the hard part. Next just throw in some progressively bigger sticks.

  • Overall Length: 4-5/8″
  • Flint Rod Length : 2-3/16″
  • Rubber Handle Length : 2-3/8″
  • Flint Rod Diameter : 3/16″
  • Striker Length : 2-3/8″
  • Striker Width : 1/2″
  • Rubber Handle on Flint Rod
  • Serrated Striker
  • Rope Strap
  • Pocket Size


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