Tekfire Pro Fuel-Free Lighter


  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Red Indicator light
    • Light is solid when fully charged
    • Light flashes while charging
  • Safety Feature: 10 second time-out
  • ParaTinder included
    • To ignite: expose red core thread and light with the TekFire
  • Inner paracord strands can be used for sutures, fishing line, safety feature, etc.

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The included rechargeable battery makes this electronic fire starter a great addition to your tactical loadout. It’s great to toss into your camping gear bag.

The Fuel-Free Tekfire also makes a great addition to a bug out bag. It’s a good idea to have multiple fire starters for emergency scenarios. That’s why the affordable price of the Tekfire is so exciting. You can add one to your vehicle, bug out bag, and more.

At this price, don’t forget to add one to your spouse’s vehicle too.


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